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terms and conditions

When booking, you are entering into an agreement with us, in the same way that we are committing to provide for you. These Booking Terms and Conditions aim to be fair and as clear as possible.


Greener Camping Club Membership – In order to comply with local planning policy, we operate as a ‘Greener Camping Club members-only site’. One membership is required for each occupied tent, camper-van, caravan, motorhome or pre-erected glamping structure (pup tents excluded). Membership costs £12 a year. This amount will be added to your camping fees at the time of booking. Membership includes participation in the Club’s Carbon Offset Scheme. This commits us to planting a tree for every booking we take. We’ll issue your membership receipt upon arrival. Further information is available on the Greener Camping Club website or by request.


Payment is made on booking.  Cancellations are non refundable (except for below). We would advise the purchaser to take out Travel Insurance in case of cancellation.Bookings are non transferable to another person/s without prior written agreement with Little Haven Campsite.

We cannot offer refunds due to ill health or adverse weather. We advise you to take out Travel Insurance in case you cannot fulfil your booking.


Your accommodation or pitch will be available for check-in from 14:00 on your arrival day. Please vacate your accommodation or pitch by 11:00 on your final day.


Fires in the camping field are only allowed in off the ground fire pits which are 

provided free of charge to use during your stay.


You are liable at all times for any wood fires, BBQs and other activities undertaken at the campsite. Fires to be used safely and kept a safe distance from any tents. All fires to be put out safely after use.

  • At no time should the fire be left unattended and all children should be properly supervised

  • Fires should be lit in cleared areas, where there are no overhanging branches and minimal grass and scrub.

  • The campfire must be a safe distance from all property, vehicles, tents and any other camping equipment.

  • Highly flammable items such as gas cylinders and fuel cans should not be allowed anywhere near the fire area

  • Never use any kind of flammable liquid on a fire or in an attempt to start the fire.

  • Before starting a fire ensure there is a large bucket of water and a shovel nearby.

  • Put your campfire out with a good amount of water when you have finished with it. Do not use sand or dirt for this purpose instead.

  • Make sure the campfire is completely out before leaving.

  • We reserve the right to ban campfires and barbecues etc. in the event of high fire risk. Campfires and barbecues are not guaranteed as part of your camping holiday.


We cannot accept responsibility for your possessions or any personal injury sustained while camping or using campfires. Liability is under the Customers not the campsite.

Disposable barbecues are only permitted if raised off the ground as they burn the grass.  Please use concrete blocks (provided with each pitch) to raise disposable bbq trays off the ground.


No partying is permitted on the site.

Strictly no amplified music permitted.

We are a family campsite and will not tolerate any excess noise made by campers. 

No noise permitted after 10.30pm

We reserve the right to terminate the booking of any campers causing disturbance to others.


Strictly no Electrical Generators allowed at any time.


Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead at ALL times and all dog mess

cleared up and disposed of immediately. 

We reserve the right to terminate bookings of guests whose dogs are the 

subject of complaints or persistently causing disturbance.

Little Haven Campsite does not accept breeds/crossbreeds listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act (i.e. Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and Fila Brasileiro) and/or any of the following: Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Rottweiler, any Mastiff or Tosa.


Car parking is in the parking area only. Cars are allowed in the field whilst setting up camp and packing up but must be kept in car park at all other times. Camper vans are permitted in camping field. No car arrivals on site after 10pm.

Little Haven Campsite Cannot be held responsible for any loss of equipment, cancellation of holiday due or quality of stay to adverse weather conditions or ill health. 


We reserve the right to refuse admission or terminate bookings for any reason.

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